"Art washes the dust of everyday life from the soul"
Pablo Picasso


3 Pro Entertainment is a newly established production company that will specialize in creating high-quality films, television shows, and digital content. The company was founded with the goal of providing compelling storytelling through innovative and visually stunning productions.


We focus on developing and producing original content that resonates with audiences across multiple platforms, always exploring new and innovative ways to tell stories.


3 Pro Entertainment is committed to providing exceptional service to our clients and partners. We offer a range of services, including creativity, development, pre-production, production and post-production.




Dream of Freedom

Movie | DREAMS OF FREEDOM is an endearing film for the whole family, which happens at the beginning of the last century and tells the story of an unknown hero of which little has been said: Miguel Carrillo Ayala, nicknamed “El Pinocho”, who built and flew the first airplane made in Mexico.

Family Secrets

Sergio, an innocent chef, ends up trapped in a mobster’s mansion with Sol, a daring escort. When his aristocratic family visits him, Sergio and Sol pretend to be a couple and team up to open a safe and find their freedom. Family differences are unleashed with a psychotropic cocktail that leads them to confront their secrets, show their true face and unite against adversity.

The Perfect Father

Movie | Gale wants to find the "perfect father" for her son. The search turns out to be more complicated than Gale anticipated and she gets into funny, painful, and dangerous situations.

Most Wanted

Movie | American police officer Frank Durant, who takes much-needed vacation with his family in Mexico, comes across the fugitive who has eluded him throughout his career, Ernesto Rigal.



Documentary Series | provides a deep and thoughtful insight into the importance of awakening spirituality faith and religion, a quest for personal transformation towards consciousness and understanding of reality. Exploring the purpose of existence, connection with a higher power, and deep belief in something intangible that we cannot comprehend with our sense or reason.


TV Series | The world thought they had gotten rid of them. They will try to resurrect them.

The Adventures of Chispita

TV Series | The project's goal is to turn the book "The Adventures of Chispita" into an animated TV series, injecting fantasy and magic into the mysterious world inside Mom's belly.

La Obra maestra

TV Series | The Masterpiece is a series that follows the search and restoration of unique and valuable pieces for collectors, led by an eccentric millionaire.


TV Series | Inspired by real events. The series addresses the dangers and unexpected consequences of new technologies.


3 Pro Entertainment has a team of highly experienced and talented filmmakers, including writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, and editors, who will work together to bring each project to life. The company's production process is collaborative, and we strive to create an environment that encourages creativity, teamwork, and a commitment to excellence.

Felix Cordova

Producer, Actor

Felix Cordova is a Film and TV Producer, my central objective is to synergize and fortify business operations through adept staff management, meticulous operational coordination, and the delivery with the excellence, dedicated to cultivating an environment that exudes positivity and productivity by facilitating open dialogue among team members, establishing unambiguous goals, and vigilantly overseeing performance benchmarks. My aim is to seamlessly merge the worlds of creative storytelling and efficient business practices, resulting in elevated production outcomes and sustained success.

Enrique Padilla

Executive Producer

"Enrique Padilla is an executive producer in the film industry, a influential and strategic figure at 3 Pro Entertainment, whose role is essential for the success of cinematic productions. Highlighting his recent projects in development, "The Powerful 3," "Most Wanted," and "The Perfect Father." Enrique is a key player in the production team of the unique documentary series "The Powerful 3," which explores significant and challenging themes in the spiritual world. The series has generated anticipation due to its informative and powerful content. His ability to secure financing and make creative decisions in the development of the projects "Most Wanted" and "The Perfect Father." He not only provides essential financing and resources but also plays a central role in creative decision-making. His vision and experience guide the path to success in every project he is involved in.

Emmanuel Padilla

Financial Director

Our CFO, Emmanuel Padilla was born and raised in Puerto Rico. His passion for numbers took it to studied Business Administration with a concentration in Finance at the University of Puerto Rico in Bayamón. Emmanuel has worked with several companies in the finance department and have been successful in startup projects, established companies, knowing the area of taxes, budgeting, accounting and critical and cost analysis and others. His passion with numbers will get us to the success that we need as our Chief Financial Officer.

Benny Corral

Associate Producer

Director, Producer and Cinematographer of music videos, Tv commercials, short films and television series. For more than three decades, he has filmed television commercials and advertising campaigns for important brands like: Coca cola, General Motors, Sony, Bacardi, Telmex, Disney, Tecate beer, Seagrams, Fiesta Americana hotels, among others. ​ His carrier as a director begins producing music videos for the top stars of Latin American music, like: Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony, JLO, Plácido Domingo, Luis Miguel, Thalia and many more, obtaining multiple awards and recognitions.

Emiliano Chaparro

Photography Director

Emiliano Chaparro studied his bachelor's degree in Communication Sciences and Techniques at the Universidad Del Nuevo Mundo (1989-1993). He has been a director of photography for more than 25 years, he has dedicated himself to filming advertising, films and video clips, among other things. He has obtained various national and international recognitions in his career. The last 3 years he has focused on the production and direction of documentary series, where he finds a powerful communication tool, thanks to the closeness he develops with the characters and themes of his projects.

Itzel Ramos

Producer - Content Producer

With a dynamic background in content production, Itzel Ramos has become a powerhouse in the industry. From her early day as a Content Editor to her impressive portfolio of docu-series and reality shows. Itzel’s storytelling prowess captivates audiences. Dynamic in content creation, editing and production. Fluent in English and Spanish. Her dedication, creativity and technical expertise make her an invaluable asset, shaping the industry landscape with every project she undertakes.

Daniel Estrada


Daniel Estrada is a 33 year old Colombian actor and screenwriter who has been in the business since 2012. He has written more than 70 short films and 5 feature films. Every year since 2020 he has been one of the winners of the government stimulus “Historias del cambio” with 4 different series. He has also written 2 animated series for Colombian TV networks and he is part of the team of “The Adventures of Chispita” series.

Adrián Pastrana

Producer - Writer

Adrián Pastrana Gómez Portugal, Producer / Director / Writer Adrian has more than twenty years of experience in directing, producing, script writing and script doctoring, editing and photography. His expertise on applying tools from different script bibles and his avant-garde approach towards film direction is becoming a treasured asset for various international partners. He completed two film careers (U.S. and México), and has been specializing in philosophy, psychoanalysis and writing for the last sixteen years. His main works include a full length commended experimental film, Autorretrato de un Automóvil, several awarded short films, uncommon music videos and many advertising campaigns for important international brands, from Samsung to Tecate. Currently, his production company Armadillo is generating alliances through the realization of four films, three series and more music videos

Fernando de Garay


With the cinema verite as a solid first base, I discovered the faces and magic at any moment in people's lives, so I had the opportunity to make the image of the cultural channel of Mexico for 5 years and winning the BDA Promax World Glold Award. “just thinking about the possibility of being able to narrate life with my optics is amazing”.

Claudia Cosío


Executive Producer, Audiovisual Content Producer with experience in feature films, documentaries, short films; as well as special events, such as the International Film Festival in Mazatlán, where she worked as executive producer. She has worked as producer and executive producer in the following feature films: “La Casa azul” (Claudio Callao, 2023), “Ska’vaa” (Jorge Díaz Sánchez, 2021), “Princesa, una historia verdadera” (Oscar Blancarte, 2018), “Hijos de la Ruta / Filhos da Pista” (León Serment, in postproduction), “Crepúsculo Rojo” (Carlos González Morantes, 2008), “Polvo de Ángel” (Oscar Blancarte, 2007) and “Entre la Tarde y la Noche” (Oscar Blancarte, 2000). She graduated from the CUEC (National Film School in Mexico) and has a bachelor’s degree in communication science from UNIVA. She’s been a member of the State Consulting Counsel of Filming since 2022 to date.

Ramón Abascal

Producer, Actor

Was born in Veracruz, Mexico, in 1966. He showed an early interest in the arts, particularly music and theater, and began performing at a young age. He studied music at various schools in Veracruz and later at the Conservatory of Music in Xalapa. Abascal worked for Televisa in Mexico City and then traveled to Boston for English language and acting training. He went on to achieve recognition for his work in television and film, winning several awards. In 2001, he founded a television production company called Sotavento, specializing in the production of corporate videos and television programs.

Pablo Alvarado

CDO - Chief Data Officer

37 years old, Chilean, Computer Engineer by profession and in the last 5 years I have acquired different experiences in the digital field, helping and promoting different companies and musical bands to obtain their own digital positioning and identity. Currently passionate about multimedia production, I dedicate myself to creating visual content in different digital areas, always looking for ways to perfect my skills and achieve better quality in the work I do.

María de Lourdes

Lic. Marketing

Maria de Lourdes is a passionate marketing professional with a solid academic background from the University of Puerto Rico. With a strategic focus and sharp analytical skills, she has demonstrated an exceptional ability to develop effective marketing and promotional strategies that yield positive results for organizations.

David Cruz Carrera

Graphic Designer - Digital Content

Filmmaker, social media manager and transmedia content designer. More than ten years of professional experience both on and off the set. Specialized in the production and post-production of audiovisual content. Pioneer in the incorporation of tools for post-production assisted by Artificial Intelligence, applied to the remastering and rescaling of image and video. Currently, he collaborates with different national and international production companies in the development and integration of transmedia narratives, through the use of storytelling in series, films, advertising campaigns and digital strategies.

Paul Conrado Velázquez

Editor - Post Producer

With 30 years as multimedia producer, my passion for work constantly motivates me to improve and refine my skills. I am always looking for new forms of expression and creativity in the digital environment, with the goal of producing interesting ideas and materials for any type of communication. I am proud to know that my work will not go unnoticed and I am confident in my ability to provide innovative solutions for each project I am involved in.

We believe it is the role of Producers to create the right conditions in which a screenwriter, a director, actors and a film crew in general can develop cinematic artistry.